2021 Spring / Summer Select Program



Style of Play and Overall Philosophy

OSA teams have excelled over the years as a result of our commitment to position-less basketball. All players learn all positions and are encouraged to play on different parts of the floor. OSA is committed to excelling in transition, half-court offense and in special situations. Athletes have loved our commitment to getting up and down the floor and our fast and aggressive style of play! All of our athletes are encouraged to score from different areas of the court, and they are asked to step out of their comfort zone offensively and expand their game. Athletes at all levels will learn high level man to man principles that will help separate them from the rest! We don’t want role-players; we want to help athletes become COMPLETE PLAYERS!!!

Athletes who buy in and successfully complete the OSA Spring/Summer Boys Program can expect to dramatically increase their skill level and cerebral understanding of the game, further developing their love and passion for basketball.

OSA Leadership and Coaching

The OSA Boys Select Basketball Program is led by Charles Thompson.  Coach Thompson has been with OSA for 10 years now, and he truly knows the “OSA Way,” which consists of teaching fundamentals and schematics at a very high level and assisting athletes in becoming impact players. Our participants all learn,  improve, and have fun under Coach Thompson’s tutelage!

Our OSA professional coaching staff assists with all aspects of the program, with direct supervision and oversight from Bob Franzese, OSA General Manager and long-time basketball coach.  Our coaches and leadership group are as good as it gets and are committed to working with your athlete to enable them to be the best they can be while teaching them a love and desire for the game of basketball. OSA teams can count on experienced coaches who put development first. The OSA program’s focus is to strengthen and improve each athlete’s individual skill set through attention to detail instruction, intense repetitions in practices, and competitive experiences. Our select coaches are highly qualified and are under the direct tutelage of our professional staff.

For high school athletes who aspire to play collegiately, our leadership and top-notch coaches will be instrumental in ensuring that athletes are recruited and then placed at the appropriate level.

Each OSA High School Coach is NCAA certified, and coaches at all levels must complete and pass a background check.  OSA is a partner with the child advocacy group Darkness to Light (D2L), which provides comprehensive training and information regarding issues that are designed for the protection and safety of our athletes.  As a continual effort to proactively educate our staff on this topic, this online training is required to be successfully completed by every OSA coach.

 Tournament Schedules

Teams will be assigned to play a National Team or Regional Team schedule. We expect to have multiple teams for each grade level assigned to the national team schedule, and multiple teams at each grade level assigned to the regional team schedule.  CLICK HERE to view the 2021 Boys Spring/Summer Schedules.  (Please note these are subject to change with adequate notice due to appropriateness of competition, COVID related changes, etc.)


Teams will practice twice a week throughout the spring/summer season.  Each practice will place a premium on high level skill development, short sided games, transition drills and schematic development. ALL players are taught ALL skills and are encouraged to utilize those skills in competitive situations.  All OSA team practices are run with great pace and consist of high energy, resembling upper level high school or collegiate level practices!  Note: High School teams will take June off from practices and competition to allow athletes to focus on their high school teams.


High School Athletes

Development: Our organizational philosophy will allow your athlete to flourish and take their game to the next level. Players will develop their skills and confidence by participating in highly organized practices where there is a heavy emphasis on skill development. Players will also develop by playing a competitive schedule that fits their team’s abilities.  OSA high school coaches are NCAA certified and are of the highest quality.
Exposure: No program in recent history has turned out the amount of players competing collegiately than the OSA Crusaders! OSA will lean on years of expertise and experience when creating a schedule that allows your athlete  to gain the appropriate level of exposure.  OSA will put its top prospects in front of the nation’s top division I coaches and programs, and we will get our division II, division III and NAIA prospects in front of their appropriate levels of coaches and programs. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to have athletes travel hundreds of miles away to compete with the mindset that this is the best way to gain exposure. For most Nebraska athletes, playing within 3-4  hours from home has proven to be the best way to be seen by regional college coaches, as these are the schools that will ultimately be recruiting one of our players.  The OSA Crusaders currently has dozens of athletes playing at the NAIA, Division III, Division II, and Division I levels.  Past athletes have benefited from being placed in the right tournaments with the appropriate level of exposure. College coaches trust our staff when discussing and vetting potential prospects.
Almost all, if not all, tournaments that we participate in will be live streamed, which allows athletes the opportunity to create media for recruiting purposes, and most importantly, it gives college coaches the chance to stream games in real time or watch these games at a later time.   The OSA leadership has great relationships with college coaches at all levels all over the country, and if your athlete aspires to play collegiately, look no further than the OSA Crusaders!
There will be limited play or practices for most teams in June to allow players to focus on their high school teams.

Youth Athletes

Development: Our commitment to teaching athletes all skills and position- less basketball has proven to enhance our athletes’ game and set them apart from the rest! In addition to having the areas top coaches, OSA leadership will assist your athlete’s team at practice and makes efforts to get to as many games as possible on a tournament weekend.  Our program oversight is second to none!!!
Exposure: Our teams and athletes will play a schedule that is challenging but fits their teams abilities.  Players will be challenged by competing against teams from the midwest and beyond and being exposed to different skill sets and styles of play. Players can expect to compete against a diverse amount of teams that play a variety of styles. If your athlete is looking to have fun, grow as a person and a player, develop their love for the game, and aspires to make an impact at the high school level, look no further than the OSA Crusaders!



(based on CURRENT SPRING grade)


OSA Parent/Player Testimonials

Two years ago, (General Manager) Bob Franzese said that he recognized Hunter’s talent over the years while competing against the OSA Program. Now that Hunter was entering high school, Bob said that if he played with the OSA’s Adidas Gauntlet Team, he was confident that he would be able to get him in front of the right coaches. The right coaches for us would have meant Hunter having the chance to play with OSA and for the opportunity to earn a scholarship at a Division I program.
Fast forward two years, OSA’s Adidas Gauntlet Team has not only proven to be a valuable program for our family, but they have provided a platform for our son (Hunter) to be exposed to the country’s most elite college coaches and basketball programs. It goes without saying we are exposed to some of the nicest families and young men who display the highest level of character during our traveling experience.
Because of Hunter’s hard work and commitment along with the exposure OSA’s Team has provided, Hunter has been fortunate to receive multiple basketball scholarship offers from Division I programs throughout the country. And for that…..We say thank you Omaha Sports Academy for all you do for student athletes and student success!

Trevis Sallis & Jessica JacksonProud Parents of Hunter Sallis and Proud Participants of OSA Adidas Basketball

Our experience through the years with both girls & boys OSA Teams has been phenomenal. This organization, this experience – it is all so special and rewarding for youth and families. We understand how a good coach can alter the game but, the great coaches change the direction of lives. During our time at OSA with three children at various levels of the game (JR Select, fall, summer teams & AAU) we experienced first hand how invested this organization is in our kids. No matter what team or level, they are given more than just top notch basketball skills, they are gaining life long character building skills and having so much fun doing it! Grateful to all the coaches and administration for investing in our kids!

Tasha Robinson

Bob Franzese and the entire OSA organization is as first-class as they come. They have set the bar, not only in the region, but in the country. OSA is progressive and care about their student athletes on and off the court. Their consistent innovation and dedication to the families and community they serve is the reason they succeed. We are honored to be associated with Bob and his team.

Dustin Cooper

OSA coaches have taught my sons to be better people and players while building their individual skill sets. The ability to have multiple practices with additional teams each week, allows them to learn full court knowledge that isn't always available to other teams. Strict focus on fundamentals and new techniques, picked up from coaches throughout the country, give them an edge over other players in the area. Ultimately OSA prepares players to succeed at the next level.

Mike Dearking