january, 2021

9jan - 10jan 96:59 pmjan 10Cyclone City Challenge; AMES


Event Details


JAN 9-10, 2020

  • CLICK HERE FOR TOURNAMENT SCHEDULEScores will be updated directly in the Tourney Machine app for updating results and brackets. If we make a mistake, please email/call us so we can fix it, we apologize in advance!!
  • Admission will be charged – No weekend passes only daily
    • Adults will be $9 per day
    • Students will be $7 per day
    • Preschool and under will be free
  • With new the new spectator guidelines put in place by the governor, all members of a household may attend the event.
  • Scorekeepers & clock operators will be provided by AIA staff for all games so parents can just enjoy the games!
  • Warmup Basketballs –  We will provide warm-up balls and game balls for every game. PLEASE TELL PARENTS AND PLAYERS TO LEAVE THEIR WARM UP BASKETBALLS AT HOME.
  • Coaches Check-In will occur at the front door of the Fieldhouse.  All coaches will need to check in prior to their first game to receive their weekend passes. Only 2 coaches will be allowed per team.
  • Home team is listed first/top on Tourney Machine and will wear light colored jerseys
We need your help with running this event in a safe manner and in accordance with the Governors mandates on COVID-19. We need complete cooperation from all parties in order to be able to continue to host tournaments and allow your kids to enjoy some normalcy in life playing sports. Below are a few rules that will be implemented.  All teams are responsible for enforcing the policy of only members of the households will be allowed to spectate the event.
  • MASK MANDATE – Everyone must wear a mask into the facility (players included). Players, coaches and officials may remove their mask when their team is playing only. Spectators must wear a mask at all times. NOBODY WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY WITHOUT A MASK.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Throughout the weekend, please be aware of everyone’s personal space. Social distance as best you can during your time in the facility, we know that always isn’t possible but do the best you can.
  • BETWEEN GAMES – We ask that if you have a break between games, please exit the facility to reduce the number of people there at a given time – grab a snack, drink or some food nearby before coming back for your next game.
  • SEATING – We will have all seating available. Please spread out and when your game is complete, let parents of the next game find their seat
  • GAME TIME / ARRIVAL TIME – We will NOT start more than a maximum of 10 minutes early.  We are doing this so you can arrive NO MORE than 30 minutes prior to your game time and have ample time to be ready to play.
  • POST GAME – Please do not stick around and watch other games being played. Play your game and then exit the facility (if you are having a quick team meeting, do it quickly or outside).  There will NOT be handshake lines after games