OSA PELLA Basketball League

OSA Pella League Fall 2021

October 16, 2021 – December 17, 2021 (no games November 26 – 28)

WELCOME to the OSA Pella Youth Basketball League Fall 2021 season! You have come to the RIGHT PLACE to find THE BEST competition for your teams, THE BEST game facilities and atmosphere, and THE BEST athletic experience for your players and families! Our CONSISTENT and FLEXIBLE scheduling will help ensure you get as many players and coaches participating in as many games possible, a key element in the DEVELOPMENT of your team! We ENCOURAGE multi-sport athletes, and we ENCOURAGE out of town team travel, as both are essential in maximizing PLAYER POTENTIAL and TEAM GROWTH, and we ALWAYS do our VERY BEST in working around all conflicts submitted prior to scheduling to make your season THE BEST it can be for your players, coaches, and fans!





OSA Pella League – Winter 2022

January 2 – Feb 27, 2022

PARTICIPANTS: 1st – 10th Grade Boys and Girls Teams

DIVISIONS: We offer up to SEVEN levels of play for each grade! Gold, Upper Silver, Lower Silver, and up to four bronze levels available! Good competition is KEY for development, and you will find it HERE!


   -1st/2nd Grade Divisions will play 8 regular season games

   -3rd – 8th Grade Divisions will play 7 regular season games, followed by the End of Season PELLA PLAYOFFS, which guarantees your 8th game, with some teams getting 10 or 11 games….SURVIVE and ADVANCE!

COMPETITION DAYS: Games will be played primarily on Saturdays and Sundays (as follows) with limited Friday night games.
1st/2nd Grade – Saturdays (8am – 7pm) and Sundays (8am – 6pm)
3rd – 5th Grade – Saturdays Primarily (8am – 9pm)
6th – 8th Grade – Sundays Primarily (8am – 10pm)

FACILITIES: We know that having a convenient game site is important to your families, and we do our best to schedule your games close to home! While we cannot guarantee every venue will be within 15 minutes of your home, we DO guarantee a great experience once you arrive! Games will be played at the Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex and the Mark in Elkhorn, with occasional games at the Iowa West Field House in Council Bluffs and the Bellevue Lied Center.

SCHEDULES: Schedules will be posted 7 – 10 days prior to the start of the season!

LEAGUE FEES: Team registration fees and discounts are as follows:

   -GIRLS TEAMS – $500/TEAM (No additional discounts)

   -BOYS TEAMS – $585/TEAM*
   *BOYS TEAM DISCOUNTS: Organizations with multiple teams receive a discount by entering the PROMO CODES below:
            -5 or more boys teams – use code OSA5 ($20 discount per team)
           –10 or more boys teams – use code OSA10 ($40 discount per team)
          -NEW DISCOUNT!!! 20 or more boys teams – use code OSA20 ($60 discount per team)


PAYMENT: Teams may choose to pay directly online or by check – both options are available through online registration via Tourney Machine, the BEST, most USER FRIENDLY scheduling software!

QUESTIONS: Email Rachel Blum at rachel.blum@omahasportsacademy.com