Dear OSA Select Parents and Players:

At this time this season, we offer our current Select players the opportunity to reserve their spot in our program for the following season through the OSA Loyalty Program. By registering for the Loyalty Program, your athlete has the opportunity to bypass the fall/winter tryout processwith guaranteed placement on one of our OSA select teams for the 2019-2020 fall/winter season. Those who register for the Loyalty Program can take advantage of a discounted rate compared to the fees that will be charged for all newcomers to our program following tryouts.

We are extremely proud of our OSA Select Program and what it has evolved into.  Our players at all grade levels are learning to play the game the right way, and they are having fun in the process. Our program has four full time employees who are involved in weekly practices and who get out on weekends to support and assist our teams to ensure that all teams and all players are improving and playing “The OSA Way!”  Our goal is for each player to learn all positions on the court, not just one or two positions based on their current skills, athletic ability, or size.  This will better prepare each player for high school ball, as we know their bodies will be changing throughout their youth basketball careers.

For the 2019-2020 season, we intend to offer the following number of teams:

3rdGrade Boys: (8)                                  3rdGrade Girls: (2)

4thGrade Boys: (6)                                  4thGrade Girls: (2)

5thGrade Boys: (10)                                5thGrade Girls: (2)

6thGrade Boys: (6)                                  6thGrade Girls: (3)

7thGrade Boys: (8)                                  7thGrade Girls: (3)

8thGrade Boys: (8)                                  8thGrade Girls: (2)

Note:  Current 2ndgraders who are playing up in 3rdgrade can take advantage of the Loyalty Program & register for 3rdgrade.  We intend to field seven 3rdgrade boys’ teams & two 3rdgrade girls’ teams next season.  Along those same lines, current families who have athletes entering 3rdgrade next fall who are not currently playing for OSA may also enroll them in the 3rdgrade Loyalty Program, guaranteeing their placement on a team in the fall, and allowing them to bypass the tryout process in March.

It goes without saying that our program is in very high demand.  This demand has only increased with the success of our program, the success of former players competing at the high school and college levels, and our great new facility!  Last year, when we held our tryouts in March, as a result of having an extremely high percentage of our players enroll in the Loyalty Program, we held tryouts for anywhere from 1-8 spots in the various grade levels. While we welcome newcomers to fill any open spots we may have, it is our desire to continue on into the 2019-2020 fall/winter season with our current players.  It should be noted that current players who do not register for the Loyalty Program but decide to return to our program for the following season WILL be required to go through the tryout process in March. Each year we have minimal spots open and 40-50 players competing for them.  This can only be a testament to the high demand to play at OSA.

We are committed to ensuring that your athletes have the best possible experience while participating in our program. Regardless of ability, it is our goal to facilitate each child’s growth, both on and off the court, and we will do everything we can to make sure that they have fun throughout the process. We are more committed than ever to teaching the game, ensuring that our players develop fundamentally and improve significantly by teaching high level, yet age appropriate schematics which allow players to play offensively and defensively in all positions on the floor!  There are not many programs throughout the country that have five full time staff members overseeing practices, hustling to get to as many games as possible, and more importantly, who have genuine care and concern for each young athlete regardless of their age or ability level. WE ARE COMMITTED TO ALL PLAYERS AT OSA!

It goes without saying that it is difficult to make a high school team. As stated earlier, we believe that when you are trying out over the span of a couple of days with 75 or more athletes, a player needs to have an edge. We firmly believe those who play at OSA will have that edge and will be able to separate themselves at a tryout. It is always fun for us to see the results of the high school tryouts – each year we have a range of players who, at the youth level, probably wouldn’t have thought they would make a high school team.  These same players end up making a high school team at some level, and some end up playing on a JV or even Varsity team as freshmen. In most of these cases, families would tell you that the training and experience they received from OSA was instrumental in expediting their careers! It is our goal for players to play a level or two higher than they would have had they not played Select through OSA.  Over the last nine years, over 85% of our 8thgraders have gone on to make a team in their high school program!

We would like nothing more than for your athlete to continue their basketball career with us at the Omaha Sports Academy. On a personal note, I have enjoyed watching our teams compete this year, more so than ever before. This is also the time of year where I get out and watch a lot of high school games, and the number of boys and girls playing high school basketball who have come through our OSA Select program as youth players is greater than ever before!  If this is what your child strives for, we want to help them accomplish this goal!

The Loyalty Program has proven to be highly successful and a win-win for both OSA and our current customers! We strive to teach your athlete the key fundamentals and components of the game in a way in which they will develop a love and passion for the game.  Sometimes we sacrifice the short term with the long term with the mindset that without the kids having fun in the process, it will really be all for nothing. Whatever your end goals may be, we strive to help you achieve them.  We are proud of the sense of community that OSA has become and of the fact our players take pride in wearing the OSA uniform.  We look forward to continuing to build on the success of the OSA Program!

To reserve a spot in the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Select Loyalty Program, you must register with a non-refundable first payment of $300 by Friday, February 22nd, which will be applied to your total fees for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!



Bob Franzese

General Manager

402-504-1222, ext 1











CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE 2019-2020 SELECT LOYALTY PROGRAM (current 2018-19 players only)

So What Is The OSA Way?

  • Progressive Age Appropriate Skill and Schematic Development:

    Emphasis on mastering the core offensive fundamentals of shooting, scoring, dribbling and passing.

  • Up Tempo Style of Play Emphasizing Quick and Smart Decision Making:

    Mastering the core fundamentals will help our players maximize their ability to quickly and effectively make the right basketball play on each possession.

  • Primary Emphasis and Man to Man Defensive Principles:

    Mastering core defensive fundamentals by emphasizing how to vigorously defend the ball and basket area within the team concept.

  • Being an impact player in all aspects of the game:

    Integrating the core fundamentals on both ends of the floor to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each player in our program.

Why Choose The OSA Select Basketball Program For YOUR Player?

Leadership and Coaching

The OSA professional staff and leadership is as good as it gets and is committed to working with your athlete to ensure they develop a love for the game, grow fundamentally as a player, and have fun in the process! Our select coaching staff is highly qualified and under the direct supervision and tutelage of our full-time coaching staff with OSA General Manager and long-time coach, Bob Franzese, overseeing the entire program. We anticipate many of our coaches will be returning next season, and this type of consistency in our coaching staff is one of the many areas that will allow your athlete to grow and benefit from our program!


OSA Staff is always learning cutting edge trends and is not afraid to educate themselves on a continued basis.  In past years, OSA professional staff members have attended NBA training camps including the Thunder, Spurs, and Cavs, have been guests at the highly prestigious College Point Guard Camp (PGC), Metro Basketball Coaches Association, and collegiate and high school practices around town.  The objective is for our players to be consistently exposed to the newest ideas and current trends in youth basketball, allowing us to incorporate these trends into our highly successful core fundamental and schematic training.  You can count on OSA practices to be crisp, professionally run, and fun for your child!   Practice time will focus on skill development as well as offensive and defensive team concepts. Players will be pushed both physically and mentally, and still have fun each time they attend by being a part of a fun and nurturing environment.  Our unique practice format allows for each player to focus on five key areas at each practice: scoring, shooting, ball handling, passing, and offensive and defensive full court and half court principles and concepts.  OSA professional staff is directly involved and hands-on with your athlete’s team. This allows us to teach a progressive skill set and schemes to everyone in the program.


Games: Our teams will play a competitive schedule consisting of both league and tournament play. We will challenge our teams by providing appropriate competition experiences where they will have a chance to grow. OSA leadership realizes that games are an extension of practices. Coaches reinforce to players to utilize the different skill sets that they learn during practice during their actual game time experiences. OSA leadership is actively involved in competitive game situations as much as possible.

Summer and Fall Skill Sessions

Summer and fall skill sessions allow additional opportunities for skill development outside of the traditional season. We will hold six Sunday evening workouts over the summer months and another three workouts in the fall . Players are highly encouraged to attend these sessions. We firmly believe that players have a chance to grow and develop during the summer months. These sessions are invaluable in allowing your athlete to focus on skill development, enhancing their ability to succeed. Our core concepts and fundamental training are implemented during these summer sessions and allow us to be ahead of the game when the season starts in the fall. This, along with our two summer camps and regular season practices , is what sets the OSA Select Program apart from the others.

Summer Camps: Elite Skills Camp and Evaluation / Team Placement Camps

Our Elite Skills Camp is an extremely valuable compone nt setting a highly energetic and competitive tone for the beginning of our off season development program. During this camp, the OSA Leadership staff will introduce and reinforce our core values on individual skill and team schematics regarding the OSA W ay from every detail to the administration and execution of each important concept. The Elite Skills Camp is a springboard to the Summer Sunday Night Workouts and the End of Summer Evaluation/Team Placement Camp.

The End of Summer Evaluation / Team Placement Camp provides an opportunity for our players to display the skills acquired through the summer camp and workout season. The camp provides a final opportunity for our players will be evaluated to decide team placement for the Fall/Winter Season . Our goal is to place players on teams where they are able to develop individually and collectively at a similar pace throughout the course of season. Although this is a very competitive camp, we will continue to emphasize player development an d team schematics throughout the entirety of the camp.

Process for Team Placement

Once evaluations are completed after the final evaluation camp in August, players will be divided into their respective teams, and those teams will be posted on our website.  Please keep in mind that players will not automatically be placed on the same level of team as this current year, as players will develop differently over the summer.  Those who take advantage of our workouts and camp sessions over the summer months will surely experience significant improvement.

OSA Parent Testimonials

“All three of my kids have participated in the OSA select program, each with different challenges and talents. The growth of the players’ basketball knowledge and skill was evident with each year they continued to take part in the program. The training, the dedication of the staff and the attention to each kid’s individual strengths/deficiencies have made this a positive experience.

Stacy Watson

Over the past 7 years, I have seen the OSA Select program improve greatly. Their practice sessions are unm atched to any other program I've seen. As a result, I have witnessed the basketball skills increase greatly with my two children who are part of the OSA Select program.

Lisa Weber