Coaching Information

Girls Spring/Summer Select

The OSA Crusaders Girls program is led by Connor O’Neill, OSA Girls Select Coordinator, and is facilitated by the area’s top high school coaches.  Our OSA professional coaching staff assists with all aspects of the program, with direct supervision and oversight from Bob Franzese.  Our coaches and leadership group are as good as it gets and are committed to working with your athlete to enable them to be the best they can be while teaching them a love and desire for the game of basketball. OSA teams can count on experienced coaches who put development first. The OSA program’s focus is to strengthen and improve each athlete’s individual skill set through attention to detail instruction, intense repetitions in practices, and competitive experiences. Our select coaches are highly qualified and are under the direct tutelage of our professional staff.


DARKNESS 2 LIGHT TRAINING – As much as we are working to achieve success with our student-athletes on the floor, we must be diligent with addressing the details that impact their lives off of the floor as well. With that in mind, we must stay vigilant in addressing the perils in our immediate environment and sports community that could have an impact on the safety and well being of the student athletes we have been entrusted to develop.  As a result we have partnered with the child advocacy group Darkness to Light (D2L) to provide comprehensive training and information regarding issues that are designed for the protection and safety of our young athletes.  As a continual effort to proactively educate our staff on this topic, this online training is required to be successfully completed by each coach to continue to work with any of the young athletes at the Omaha Sports Academy. This includes all head coaches and assistant coaches of our teams.

OSA APPROVED BACKGROUND CHECKS – As a continual commitment to the protection and safety of our young athletes, we are constantly reviewing the conduct and actions of our coaches on a consistent basis. As a result, we have partnered with One Source to execute and monitor background checks on all of the coaches in the OSA Select Program. Background checks will need to be completed by all coaches who plan on working with young athletes here at OSA.

MANDATORY REPORTERS – In Nebraska, everyone is a mandatory reporter.  This means physicians, medical institutions, nurses, school employees, social workers or any other person who has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect is required by law to make a report to the CPS Hotline and/or Law Enforcement. (Nebraska Revised Statute 28-711).  Rest assured that our coaches and administrators will do everything possible to ensure the safety and protection of our young athletes and will work zealously to protect all young people from any possible signs of physical or emotional harm regardless of the situation. Our coaches and administrators are trained to report any sign of child endangerment and abuse to the proper authorities.

Interested in becoming an OSA Coach?  Contact Connor O’Neill at OR 402-504-1222, ext 4