2019 Girls Spring/Summer OSA Select Basketball Program



About the OSA Crusaders Summer Select GIRLS Program

The OSA Crusaders are excited to bring you the BEST summer girls basketball program in the state of Nebraska!  With our philosophy of Exposure and Development, the OSA Spring/Summer Girls program is second to none, and we are proud of our continued partnership with adidas, making us Nebraska’s ONLY fully sponsored girls’ select program!

The ADIDAS UPRISING Gauntlet series will provide our top U15 – U17 players an opportunity that very few girls in Nebraska have had before and that only 32 teams across the country are invited to attend!They will play the best competition in front of college coaches from around the country, giving our athletes maximum exposure during each of the NCAA live periods. As an added bonus, it will also allow them to be nominated for the ADIDAS UPRISING All-American Camp and the ADIDAS UPRISING U.S. Select team. All of these opportunities are exclusive to the 32 ADIDAS UPRISING sponsored teams, and our OSA Crusader girls are thrilled to be a part of this.




Our U15-U17 teams will compete in the Adidas Gauntlet, with the chance to be crowned Adidas National Champions! The OSA Gauntlet teams will compete in two weekends of league play. The first two events will seed teams for the National Championship Bracket at one of the most prestigious exposure venues in the country, the Adidas Summer Championships in Atlanta, GA.


Over the last several years, the OSA Crusaders program has developed into one that has proven to be a great opportunity for all of its participants.  OSA Crusaders National teams will have outstanding coaches, develop as sound basketball players, and will be exposed to significant recruiting opportunities. The U15-U17 National teams will compete in 9-10 tournaments throughout the Spring/Summer season.  The OSA National team experience is a great opportunity for multi-sport athletes and will provide players a successful avenue to recruiting opportunities and growth as basketball players!


Our top U14 team will compete in a combination of national level tournaments, and NCAA certified viewing events. Our schedule will be extremely competitive and give our athletes maximum exposure opportunities. In addition, our teams will continue to be exposed to the highest level of skill development of any program in the Midwest! The OSA U14 National team will be led by a highly qualified and NCAA certified coach who is committed to developing and preparing our players for the next level.



Our Regional teams will also be led by outstanding coaches. The Regional schedule will consist of 9-10 tournaments that are competitive while staying primarily local. Travel will be limited to 2-3 tournaments. The OSA Regional team experience is a great opportunity for multi-sport athletes and busy families as it will still provide players recruiting opportunities at the NAIA and Division II levels as well as personal growth on the basketball court as they use this opportunity to get better in their High School off season!



The Select 6thand 7thNational teams will have the opportunity to take their skill sets to the next level as they compete against some of the best, not just in the Midwest, but around the country. The 6thand 7thNational teams will participate in 9-10 highly competitive and challenging tournaments providing them an opportunity to experience several prestigious events and venues. This will allow them to soak up and prepare to compete in an atmosphere that they may see in the future at a national level.



The Select 3rd-5thNational teams will continue to grow and develop their basketball fundamentals and game concepts through intensive skill academies, team practices, and competition. The 3rd-5thNational teams will compete in 9-10 tournaments that are competitive while primarily staying local. Travel will be limited to 2-3 tournaments.



The Select 3rd-7thRegional teams will continue to grow and develop their basketball fundamentals and game concepts through intensive skill academies, team practices, and competition. The 3rd-7thRegional teams will compete in 9-10 tournaments that are competitive while primarily staying local. Travel will be limited to 2-3 tournaments for the 6thand 7thgraders, with 3rd-5thregional teams competing locally.


3rdGrade Girls Instructional League

This program is for current 3rd grade girls who are not playing on a 3rdgrade National or Regional Select team for the spring/summer but want to keep working on their fundamental skills. This instructional league will provide them with an alternative for this age group that will be both highly beneficial and lots of fun.  Teams will consist of 8-9 players. Games, practices and academies will be coached and run by members of our seasoned OSA coaching staff.  The season will run from April 11th thru July 25th and will consist of the following:

SPRING SESSION– Thursdays from 5:30pm – 7pm (April 11th– May 23rd) – After the first 3 weeks of skills academy and practice, each session will be followed by teams playing an instructional game. This allows us to incorporate the skills learned in practice immediately into game situations. 

SUMMER SESSION– Consists of one weekly practice, one day (optional) of skills academy and participation in the OSA Summer Pella League.

Summer Dates:

  • Select Skills Academy: Thursdays from 2:30 – 4:00pm from June 13ththru July 25th
  • Practices:  Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:30pm from June 11ththru July 23rd.
  • Summer Pella League: Sundays from June 9ththru July 21st


No matter what age, player development and exposure at the appropriate level is always our top priority!  Players develop a strong love for the game while having fun through cutting edge trends!

So What Is The OSA Way?

  • Progressive Age Appropriate Skill and Schematic Development:

    Emphasis on mastering the core offensive fundamentals of shooting, scoring, dribbling and passing.

  • Up Tempo Style of Play Emphasizing Quick and Smart Decision Making:

    Mastering the core fundamentals will help our players maximize their ability to quickly and effectively make the right basketball play on each possession.

  • Primary Emphasis and Man to Man Defensive Principles:

    Mastering core defensive fundamentals by emphasizing how to vigorously defend the ball and basket area within the team concept.

  • Being an impact player in all aspects of the game:

    Integrating the core fundamentals on both ends of the floor to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each player in our program.

Why Choose The OSA Select Basketball Program For YOUR Player?

Leadership and Coaching

The OSA professional staff and leadership is as good as it gets and is committed to working with your child to ensure they develop a love for the game, grow fundamentally as a player, and have fun in the process! Our select coaching staff is highly qualified and under the direct supervision and tutelage of our OSA Professional Coaching Staff, with OSA General Manager and long – time coach, Bob Franzese, overseeing the entire program. We anticipate many of our coaches will be returning next season, and this type of consistency in our coaching staff is one of the many areas that will allow your child to grow and benefit from our program!


Practices: OSA Staff is always learning cutting edge trends and is not afraid to educate themselves on a continued basis.  In past years, OSA professional staff members have attended the Thunder, Spurs, and Cavs training camps, have been guests at the highly prestigious College Point Guard Camp (PGC), Metro Basketball Coach Athletics, and collegiate and high school practices.  The objective is for our players to be consistently exposed to the newest ideas and current trends in basketball, allowing us to incorporate these trends into our highly successful core fundamental and schematic training. You can count on OSA practices to be crisp, professionally run, and productive for each athlete. Practice time will focus on skill development as well as offensive and defensive team concepts. Players will be pushed both physically and mentally, yet still have fun each time they attend. Our unique practice format allows for each player to focus on five key areas at each practice: shooting/scoring, defensive principles, transition, ball handling, and offensive team principles. One of our professional staff will be directly involved and hands-on with your child’s team practices.

Summer Skills Academy

Summer Select Skills Academy: These academies serve as a great compliment to team practices and the tournaments we play.  While competition and regular team practices are very important, our Summer Select Skills Academies are what put our players over the top, with an emphasis on developing impact players from an individual skills standpoint.  Specific focus includes:

  • High Level Skills Instruction & Repetition
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting
  • One on One Moves
  • Decision Making
  • Specific Moves
  • Intense Transition

Summer Select Skills Academy – Mondays and Thursdays June 10 – July 25

4th – 6th Girls – 1pm – 2:30pm

U13 – U17 Girls – 2:30pm – 4pm

OSA Parent Testimonials

“All three of my kids have participated in the OSA select program, each with different challenges and talents. The growth of the players’ basketball knowledge and skill was evident with each year they continued to take part in the program. The training, the dedication of the staff and the attention to each kid’s individual strengths/deficiencies have made this a positive experience.

Stacy Watson

Over the past 7 years, I have seen the OSA Select program improve greatly. Their practice sessions are unm atched to any other program I've seen. As a result, I have witnessed the basketball skills increase greatly with my two children who are part of the OSA Select program.

Lisa Weber