Basketball League

WELCOME to the OSA Pella Youth Basketball League! You have come to the RIGHT PLACE to find THE BEST competition for your teams, THE BEST game facilities and atmosphere, and THE BEST athletic experience for your players and families! Our CONSISTENT and FLEXIBLE scheduling will help ensure you get as many players and coaches participating in as many games possible, a key element in the DEVELOPMENT of your team! We ENCOURAGE multi-sport athletes, and we ENCOURAGE out of town team travel, as both are essential in maximizing PLAYER POTENTIAL and TEAM GROWTH, and we ALWAYS do our VERY BEST in working around all conflicts submitted prior to scheduling to make your season THE BEST it can be for your players, coaches, and fans!


PARKING INFO:  This year we will not be able to use the south lot for overflow parking, as the ground has been purchased and is in the process of being developed into a new sports facility.  To alleviate some of the parking issues, we are staggering games at UBT on the half hour, which should help with a more consistent parking flow.  We are also having all OSA and Nebraska Elite Volleyball staff and coaches park in an alternate lot to keep as many spots open for our customers as possible.  We have also worked with some businesses around the area and many are allowing us to lease their stalls on weekends.  We ask that you follow the parking map in order to avoid parking in areas that are not permitted.  The businesses that were unable to lease their stalls to us WILL TOW YOUR VEHICLE if you park in an area that is not permitted (red areas on the map)!   We also ask that everyone exits from the west parking lot exit and turns left (westbound) onto Skyline Drive.  In order to keep traffic flowing and to avoid entrances/exits from getting bottlenecked, we ask that you follow the arrows on the parking map when entering and exiting the parking lot areas.  We also encourage all families to try their best to carpool and minimize as many vehicles as possible. We realize that this is not the most ideal scenario, but with the new facility being built, we strongly believe that we have enough parking with the surrounding businesses to accommodate for this year.

21015 Cumberland Drive
Elkhorn, NE 68022
tel: 402-504-1222
fax: 402-504-1720


Monday | 12PM – 10PM

Tuesday | 12PM – 10PM

Wednesday | 12PM – 10PM

Thursday | 12PM – 10PM

Friday | 12PM – 10:30PM

Saturday | 7:15AM – 10:30PM

Sunday | 7:15AM – 10PM