Thank you for signing up for an OSA Training Session. We appreciate everyone’s patients and support during these trying times.  As we are all aware, there are very strict guidelines in place with facilities like UBT Sports Complex.  In order to make this work smoothly while complying with the social distancing guidelines, we will need full participation from everyone; this includes parents, coaches, players and staff.  Our main focus is the safety of everyone, and our goal is to start bringing back basketball activities in the safest way possible. With your assistance we believe this can be achieved.We are confident these sessions will allow your athlete to get in a great workout and improve their skill level in a fun and safe environment.  Please be sure to pass along the following information to the families in your group:

Participants may ONLY enter through the south lobby doors by the OSA Courts. Participants will be allowed into the building once the previous group is walked out, which will be approximately ten minutes before the session is to begin.  Upon entering, participants will need to maintain a 6 foot distance from other participants and coaches.  Once inside, participants will walk through a designated area, which will lead them to our CHECK IN.  Upon checking in, participants will be required to use the hand sanitizer in the gym entryway and then will be directed to their designated rim, where there will be a cleaned and disinfected ball waiting for them.  Participants can warm up in their designated section prior to the work out beginning, but may not co-mingle with other participants in their area. Once the workout is complete, players will place their basketballs on the designated rack to be immediately sanitized and then will be directed to the exit while still maintaining a 6 foot distance from other participants and coaches.  Upon leaving the courts, Participants must use the hand sanitizer at the gym exit.  OSA staff will walk the group out and then welcome the next group in. Participants are absolutely not allowed to enter the building until the previous group has been walked outside.



–      Participants are allowed to enter the facility with one bag per person, and all belongings must be kept inside when not in use, including shoes and a water bottle.  This will allow participants to be hands free when entering the gym so they may use the hand sanitizer with ease and be thorough with it. NO OUTSIDE BALLS.

–      One water bottle per participant. The water bottle should be filled up prior to arrival and remain in backpack when not in use.

–      Only participants are allowed inside the facility. No parents or siblings.

–      Must use hand sanitizing station before and after session

–      Participants are strongly encouraged to use the restroom at home prior to coming to UBT.

Please note we will have staff on hand to help your athlete through this process, but wanted to make sure you were aware of the steps we are taking to practice social distancing and sanitation procedures.

Thank you and please enjoy your workout!