OSA CRUSADERS Boys Summer Select Program and Tryout Information 2020

 Our Program – The OSA Summer Basketball Program is a great opportunity for your athlete to improve their skills while continuing to develop their passion for the game.  OSA’s heavy emphasis on development has paid tremendous dividends for athletes over the past 12 years of existence, and Summer 2020 will be no different!

All teams will play 8-9 tournaments, and each team will be coached by a highly credible coach. Additionally, your athlete will benefit from the direct oversight of the OSA full time coaching staff which is second to none in the industry.

The OSA Summer Select Program is highly organized, and your athlete will build their basketball skills while playing a game schedule that will allow for success and will further their development. Our youth players will benefit from our strong emphasis on skill development, our coaching philosophy of position-less basketball and by increasing their knowledge of and passion for the game! Our high school players will benefit from not only the aforementioned but will also have the opportunity to gain a jump on the competition prior to the start of their high school season, as well as the advantage of appropriate recruiting opportunities.


9U – 12U TEAMS – 10:30AM – 12PM

13U, 14U, 17U TEAMS – 12PM – 1:30PM

15U AND 16U TEAMS – 1:30PM – 3PM

Saturday will not typically be a practice day, but we are very eager to get started!

Complete June Practice Schedules will be available online by Thursday June 18th.  Beginning July 1st, we will be able to start practicing in Nebraska, and we will move our practices back to UBT Sports Complex.

Tournament Schedules – We will only be sending our teams to events run by highly reputable directors where we can expect the health, safety and well being of our athletes will be their highest priority.  We will still be participating in as many tournaments as we have in the past, between 8-9 tournaments, albeit in a more condensed time period. Athletes are itching to get back on the court, and while I think the quality of play at the start might be a little rough, I believe there are some major advantages in playing into the early fall/closer to the start of the fall and winter season, particularly for our high school athletes who now will end the OSA season much closer to their high school tryouts!

You will notice that on some weekends we have listed two potential tournaments. We will make a decision within 14 days of teams being formed after communicating with the parent groups. Please note though, there will need to be an element of flexibility with this schedule. If a tournament is perhaps not what we hoped it would be, we may find a different alternative or if a tournament becomes available that more fits our needs, we reserve the right to alter the schedule to put our families in an event that will best meet our needs.

Some tournament weekends will simply show “COMPETITIVE EVENT”. To clarify, it is our understanding that the NCAA is going to approve and announce extended recruiting period weekends at some point next week. Based on the information that we have, these weekends appear to be the front runners for NCAA Recruiting Weekends and as always, we will put our athletes in the best possible situation for college exposure.

COLLEGE SHOWCASE – Players on our 14U – 17U National teams and selected Regional team players will have the opportunity to participate in a College Exposure Showcase on October 3rd.  A showcase is an event where athletes are first put through several hours of high intensity skill work and are then divided into teams to scrimmage, all in front of recruiting services and college coaches.  This will be yet another great opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills. We are collaborating with several other highly respected programs on this event, and it is something our players should be excited for!

Vacations and Conflicts – We understand that this has certainly been an unusual time period over the last several months and families may have proceeded ahead with vacation or other plans due to the uncertainty of the basketball schedule.  By all means, if you have something previously scheduled, and your athlete must miss, this is ok and will absolutely will not be held against them in any way!

Below is the link to view the 2020 Boys Summer Tournament Schedules.  You will note that some teams have 10 or more tournaments listed, and this will be adjusted based on final tournament schedules set by other tournament directors.

HOTEL INFORMATION – For teams traveling, hotel information will be available on your team webpage by no later than Friday June 26th.

OSA CRUSADERS SUMMER SELECT FEE AND PAYMENT STRUCTURES – All fees include weekly practices and summer tournaments.  The fees below DO NOT include the cost of the summer uniform (estimated $140). Participants who do not already have a uniform will need to order online after tryout results are posted (specific instructions will be posted with our team rosters)

TEAM FEES AND PAYMENT DEADLINES; $600 DUE BY JUNE 19; BALANCE DUE JULY 19 (for special payment arrangements, please email rachel.blum@omahasportsacademy.com)

  • 9U – 17U REGIONAL TEAM FEES – $999
  • 9U – 13U NATIONAL TEAM FEES – $1240
  • 14U – 17U NATIONAL TEAM FEES – $1290

So What Is The OSA Way?

  • Progressive Age Appropriate Skill and Schematic Development:

    Emphasis on mastering the core offensive fundamentals of shooting, scoring, dribbling and passing.

  • Up Tempo Style of Play Emphasizing Quick and Smart Decision Making:

    Mastering the core fundamentals will help our players maximize their ability to quickly and effectively make the right basketball play on each possession.

  • Primary Emphasis and Man to Man Defensive Principles:

    Mastering core defensive fundamentals by emphasizing how to vigorously defend the ball and basket area within the team concept.

  • Being an impact player in all aspects of the game:

    Integrating the core fundamentals on both ends of the floor to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each player in our program.

OSA Parent/Player Testimonials

Two years ago, (General Manager) Bob Franzese said that he recognized Hunter’s talent over the years while competing against the OSA Program. Now that Hunter was entering high school, Bob said that if he played with the OSA’s Adidas Gauntlet Team, he was confident that he would be able to get him in front of the right coaches. The right coaches for us would have meant Hunter having the chance to play with OSA and for the opportunity to earn a scholarship at a Division I program.
Fast forward two years, OSA’s Adidas Gauntlet Team has not only proven to be a valuable program for our family, but they have provided a platform for our son (Hunter) to be exposed to the country’s most elite college coaches and basketball programs. It goes without saying we are exposed to some of the nicest families and young men who display the highest level of character during our traveling experience.
Because of Hunter’s hard work and commitment along with the exposure OSA’s Team has provided, Hunter has been fortunate to receive multiple basketball scholarship offers from Division I programs throughout the country. And for that…..We say thank you Omaha Sports Academy for all you do for student athletes and student success!

Trevis Sallis & Jessica JacksonProud Parents of Hunter Sallis and Proud Participants of OSA Adidas Basketball

Our experience through the years with both girls & boys OSA Teams has been phenomenal. This organization, this experience – it is all so special and rewarding for youth and families. We understand how a good coach can alter the game but, the great coaches change the direction of lives. During our time at OSA with three children at various levels of the game (JR Select, fall, summer teams & AAU) we experienced first hand how invested this organization is in our kids. No matter what team or level, they are given more than just top notch basketball skills, they are gaining life long character building skills and having so much fun doing it! Grateful to all the coaches and administration for investing in our kids!

Tasha Robinson

Bob Franzese and the entire OSA organization is as first-class as they come. They have set the bar, not only in the region, but in the country. OSA is progressive and care about their student athletes on and off the court. Their consistent innovation and dedication to the families and community they serve is the reason they succeed. We are honored to be associated with Bob and his team.

Dustin Cooper

OSA coaches have taught my sons to be better people and players while building their individual skill sets. The ability to have multiple practices with additional teams each week, allows them to learn full court knowledge that isn't always available to other teams. Strict focus on fundamentals and new techniques, picked up from coaches throughout the country, give them an edge over other players in the area. Ultimately OSA prepares players to succeed at the next level.

Mike Dearking