It is one of Supreme Basketball’s founding principles to avoid turning a child away from our programs due to financial reasons.  We are proud to offer financial assistance to any player or participant in need. While we cannot always meet the exact request of each application we will always make every effort to work with the applicant to find a solution.


To begin the process, please fill out the application form below.  Upon submission we will review your application and respond back within 15 days with your specific approval information.  



    • Scholarship applications remain private and confidential.

    • Scholarships are granted on an as needed basis only. There is no guarantee we will approve your application.

    • Scholarships are granted one season at a time, therefore you agree to submit a new application for each tryout season with accurate, updated information. 

    • Scholarships are only for Supreme Basketball registration fees and cannot cover other expenses.

    • Scholarship tiers are fixed and no custom scholarships will be granted.

    • All scholarship applications must be submitted before the registration deadline of 2 days following tryouts.

Scholarship Application

  • Scholarship Amount you are seeking toward your player registration fees?
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