Here to help build, support, and provide opportunities!

Our philosophy at OSA will allow your athlete to take their game to the next level! Our goal is to provide your daughter with the necessary tools to build confidence, thus allowing them to perform at a high level and become the best version of themselves. Through their journey this spring and summer, providing support is something we as coaches and directors will hang our hat on.

For more details about the 2024 spring/summer program, download the brochure PDF:

21015 Cumberland Drive
Elkhorn, NE 68022
tel: 402-504-1222
fax: 402-504-1720

Monday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Tuesday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Wednesday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Thursday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Friday | 7:30AM – 10PM

Saturday | 7:15AM – 10PM

Sunday | 7:15AM – 8PM