1. No outside food or drink is allowed into any OSA facilities, excluding re-usable water bottles for players participating in the event.  
  2. Only coaches are allowed to bring basketballs into all OSA facilities.
  3. Basketball dribbling is not allowed outside of court areas.
  4. OSA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. All OSA facilities are smoke free.
  6. No outside vendor booths or sponsors are allowed without consent of Omaha Sports Academy
  7. OSA does not permit any possession of outside alcohol, controlled substance, or tobacco in facility.
  8. OSA Facilities will enforce all parking rules, including no parking in fire lanes, parking over painted lines, parking on sidewalks, parking in grassy areas, etc.



OSA HAS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and has the right to remove any participant who does not comply with OSA policies and procedures or who is seen as a threat to the safety and integrity of our league and tournaments. Anyone ejected from a game will be required to sit out/not attend the next scheduled game. If participating on more than one team, the ejected party must sit out from each of those team’s next games.

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