Learn more about our Boys/Girls Select Program.

We are extremely proud of the OSA Select Program, what it has evolved into, and for what the future holds.  Our players at all grade levels are learning the game, growing as athletes, and having fun in arguably the top youth sports facility in the Midwest! Our program has exceptional full-time employees who are involved in weekly practices and who get out on weekends to support and assist our teams to ensure that all teams and all athletes are improving and playing “The OSA Way!”

We still have a few spots open for the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Season!  Contact Mitch Albers for details on availability.

21015 Cumberland Drive
Elkhorn, NE 68022
tel: 402-504-1222
fax: 402-504-1720

Monday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Tuesday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Wednesday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Thursday | 8:30AM – 9PM

Friday | 7:30AM – 10PM

Saturday | 7:15AM – 10PM

Sunday | 7:15AM – 8PM