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OSA Parent Testimonials

“My overall experience with the OSA program has been an
exceptional experience both as a parent and current high
school coach in the community. OSA teaches fundamentals
and a team aspect of basketball. Knowing that my players who
play for OSA and seeing how my own son has continued to
improve has only has assured me that OSA continues to thrive
teaching young players the fundamentals of basketball that will
allow them the opportunity to grow as a player and understand
the importance of team play.”

Josh LuedtkeHead Coach, Creighton Prep High School

“All three of my kids have participated in the OSA select program, each with different challenges and talents. The growth of the players’ basketball knowledge and skill was evident with each year they continued to take part in the program. The training, the dedication of the staff and the attention to each kid’s individual strengths/deficiencies have made this a positive experience.”

Stacy Watson

“Over the past 7 years, I have seen the OSA Select program improve greatly. Their practice sessions are unmatched to any other program I've seen. As a result, I have witnessed the basketball skills increase greatly with my two children who are part of the OSA Select program.”

Lisa Weber

“OSA has not only taught my son basketball, but they have provided quality coaches and leaders that care about my son, his well-being and his development. My son and I have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with OSA, from learning basic basketball skills to the lifelong friendships we have developed. My son has said that he will play basketball at OSA for as long as he can!”

Jennifer Orf